Our Alma Mater in the 1950's

Our Alma Mater in the 1950's
Reared against the sky

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Class of 1959

Well, I haven't posted on this blog for a while so perhaps I'll attach a couple pictures I got in an email today.  Actually, I already had these two in my collection but I didn't have the IDs to go with them. Thanks Linda Wilson Farina!
(Remember..you can click on photo to enlarge and use left back arrow at the very top of your browser to come back to the blog for the next photo)
First row, from left: George Cadero, George Smith, Sharon Brown, Helen Northup, Lynda Westall, Sandra Lewis, Fostine Butler, Glenna Neet. Second row: Roy Brooks, Deana Austin, Bob Bennett, Kay Copps, George Mueller, Jim Wilson, Wanda McLendon, Ken Dodd. Third row: Peggy O'Neill, Pat Thacker, Bob Kelly, Bob Curtis, Mary Frances Delaney, Geraldine Germeau, Juanita Fletcher. Fourth row: Laraine Johnson, Judy Haynes, Jim Wallace, Don Mitton, Bob Martin, Karolyn Richards, Mary Elayne Grady, Carolyn Thorne.

First row, from left: Frances Schultz, Connie Bittner, A. Shadua, Annabel Austin, Unidentified, Arlis Mullin, Leona Johnson. Second row: Lloyd Tranter, Maxine Ortmeier, Betty Gizinski, Donette Johnson, Glenna Neet, Gene Yantz, Jim Boggs, Bob Lanning. Third row: Jim Campbell, Darrel Dickey, Jeff Pedersen, Unidentified, Dick Giger, Brenda Martin, unidentified. Fourth row: Carol Wilson, Jerry Wampler, Ron Mitton, Unknown, Frances Swearingen, Yvonne Strain, Phyllis Tobin?

And before I forget..I still have a few photo CDs left that I made up last year. They have all the seniors from 1945-2009 along with various pictures of school scenes, teachers, janitors, sports, etc.  Only $10. Reply to me at cedarrose61@hotmail.com and I'll get one off in the mail right away.  And thanks.

Am also selling a book for $15 called 'Please Mr. Postman'.  Collected letters and emails from family, friends, teachers that I've kept since the 50's.  Search on ebay under "Port Townsend". I think it's on page 5.

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