Our Alma Mater in the 1950's

Our Alma Mater in the 1950's
Reared against the sky

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pictures from Barbara McCleary Church

I haven't posted on this blog since June but I just had to share an envelope of pictures I got in the mail yesterday from Barbara Church, Class of 1962, who now lives in Wenatchee.  Great stuff here and Barb even ID'd people on the back and put DATES and places!  Who does that?  I'll tell you who. Smart people.  I suppose it didn't hurt any that her dad was a photographer and probably drilled that habit into her.  I'm sure glad.

(you can click on the photo to enlarge)  and Barb:  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING!

                  Fred Morton, Dick Sooy, Gene Peterson, Doug Schaill, Dave Brandes   11-1-58
 Helen Plut, Anna & Dianna Padia, Shari Baker, Sandy North? May 3, 1958 Rec Center
 Arletta Johnson & Barbara McCleary, 40th reunion Aug 2002
                                                          Barbara M & Joanne Reid
 Barb McCleary & Maxine Evanson in a picture booth in the basement of the original Woolworth's on 3rd Ave in downtown Seattle. Juniors in H.S.
 Barb McCleary and Jim Boggs, fall dance at the rec center, Probably 1960-61
 Barb McCleary, Maxine Evanson, Carolyn Husband, June 1, 1962 graduation day
 Bob Thacker Oct 11, 1958 at Barbara's house
 Bob Thacker at Helen O'Neill's house 8-13-1960
 Claudia Gallent, Gary  Ortmeier, Bill Arey, Shari Baker  1-2-1960
 Clayton Baldwin & Joan Curtis 1-2-60 party at Helen O'Neill's before tolo
 Connie Okert & Mary Widell  4-H  group at Mrs. Lee Davis' house
 Connie Okert & Mike Martin-- March 1957 Junior High dance
 Connie Okert & Ray Merritt  June 1957    Rec Center
 Denny North & Les Walden at Margie Marshall's house,  1960 or 61
 Dick Sooy, Helen Plut, Penny Barnhart, Phil Harvey    1-2-1960
                                                               Dick Sooy, Jan 18, 1958
                                                  Doris Meister    July 1959
                                       Dorothy Wallace, Sandy Westerfield  May 3, 1958

 Fred Morton,Sandy Westerfield,Gary Ortmeier, Joan Curtis, Corky Keehn, Linda Horton at Karen Hufford's birthday party    Jan 18, 1958
                                       Gary Ortmeier,  party at Helen O'Neill's  1960?
 Gary Johnson,Ray Merritt,Skip Prange, graduation day   June 1, 1962
 Doug Schaill,Gene Peterson, Ray Merritt, Lynda Jones, Dick Sooy, Dave Brandes  11-1-58
 Harold Hines,Patty Tennell, Norma VanValkenberg, Joe Kenney   1-2-1960
 Jan Branstiter, Bert Bennett  (Joanne Plattner on left)    May 3, 1958
 Janie Huff, Susan Haigh, Karen Hufford, Barbara McCleary -Valentine's Day party at Barb's
                                                    Jim Boggs, Connie Okert    1-2-1960
                                                   Jim Logue, Mary Widell     Jan 18, 1958
                                           Jim Logue, Mary Widell,   1-2-1960
                                          Joanne Reid, Dick Sooy     June 11, 1958
                                     Joanne Reid, Kitty Field    April 1957 at Rec Center
                                   John Paddock, Peggy Homestead     May 3, 1958
                                  Judi Woodward, Barbara McCleary    Oct 1961
                                  Judi Woodward  at Maxine Evanson's house   1961
                                                   Kathy Minton   February  1958

                                     Lynda Jones, Rich Wallace    July 11, 1958
                                             Lynda Jones, Doug Schaill     May 3, 1958
                                    Lynda Jones, Ray Merritt   June 11, 1958
                               Margie Marshall, Barb McCleary, Sophomore year
 Margie Marshall, Barb McCleary, Mike Marshall at Margie's house, Junior Year
 Margie Marshall, Vicki Kindle, Linda Horton, Kathy Minton   1-2-1960
                                                       Mary Mueller, June 1958
 Peggy Homestead, David Marriott,   1-2-1960, party at Helen O'Neill's house

                                               Leader article on Rhody queen candidates
                                             Ralph Nite and Linda Horton    May 3, 1958
                                                 Ralph Nite and Sandy Smith,  20th reunion
 Ray Merritt and Gwyn? (Vicki's friend)    June 11, 1958
                     Ray Merritt, Lynda Jones,  1-18-58  Karen Hufford's birthday party
 Ray Merritt & Mary Widell on May 3, 1958 at Rec Center. In background: Arletta Johnson, Delores Austin, Carol Ferbrache, Julia Nutsford, Joanne Heitz
                                               Joanne Reid and Ray Merritt   Jan 18, 1958
 Ray Merritt, Joanne Reid, Dave Brandes, Fred Morton    July 11, 1958
                                                    Rich Wallace    June 11, 1958
                                               Roy Grewell, Carol Ferbrache    1-15-1960
                                                           Roy Grewell, 1-15-1960
                                Sandy Westerfield, Bob Thacker    Jan 4, 1958
                     Gary Ortmeier, Sandy Westerfield, Fred Morton    July 11, 1958
                                             Sandy Westerfield, Molly Logan     Sept 1958
 Sandy Westerfield  July 1959 at Verle Southmayd's cabin at Beckett Point
                    Sandy Westerfield & Peggy Homestead   50th reunion  in 2012

                                      Shari Baker and Dianna Padia    May 3, 1958
                                           Shari Baker & Skip Prange   May 3, 1958
                                   Shari Baker & Harold Rogers     June 1957
                                                               Stewart Richards  1961
                                                Susan Haigh & Barbara McCleary
                                                        Susan Haigh    July 1959
 Bert Bennett, Skip Prange, Dick Sooy, Kim?, Gary Ortmeier, Doug Schaill, Dave Brandes --July 11, 1958 at Helen O'Neill's house
                                                             Tom Delaney  Oct 11, 1958
                        Tom Delaney, Peggy Homestead, Betty Smith   April 1957
                               Tom Delaney,  Oct 11, 1958  at Barb McCleary's house
 Vicki Kindle & Margie Marshall at Helen's house   Winter of 1961
 Dorothy Wallace, Mary O'Neill, Mrs. Reid, Jan 4, 1958  chaperones at Helen O'Neill's party

                                                 wedding notice in Leader, Feb. 6, 1964
Banner made by Patty Will and Barb McCleary for their 40th reunion. It was so big they had to take it to Port Townsend in a pick up truck.