Our Alma Mater in the 1950's

Our Alma Mater in the 1950's
Reared against the sky

Thursday, June 16, 2016

IDs for Rick

front row: Dave Brooling, Jim Pedersen, Dave Worley, Gary Henry, Tom Moss

row 2: Sharon Lindsay, Karen Cuykendall,Gary Funston,Lorraine Hunter, Joyce Blankenship,Jean Tyler, Linda Wilson, Susan Hjellen, Aloris Hudson

row 3: Linda Scott, Sharon Yantz, Doris LaChance, Walter Moa, Mary Pearce, Joe Coates, Mike Martin, Carol VanValkenburg, Robert Tuttle, Vicki Bourm, Darlene Giger

row 4: Dave Marriott, Dave Brown, Doug Thorne, Dick Freitas, John Ecker, John O'Brien, Corky Keehn, Bruce Chesterfield, Joe Kenney

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Alumni Reunion of 2016

A few of the photos I took at the Elks Club on June 11, 2016 and at a house party the evening before for my class (1961) -- our 55th.

Monday, May 23, 2016

More pictures from Barbara Church

Barbara McCleary Church (class of 1962) sent me a package of old photos she wanted to share online but she doesn't have Internet.  I scanned in a few that I figured would probably be clear enough to reproduce. I'll add the details she wrote on the backs.  Just love that people share old pictures. These are great.
                                                   July 1992  30th Class reunion
                                                                     35th reunion, 1997
 Gerri Whitney,Verle Southmayd,Barbara McCleary,Marilyn Bishop
 Fred Morton,Tom Delaney,Gary Ortmeier,Bill Brown, Helen O'Neill, Carolyn Woodward, Janie Huff
Carolyn Husband,Barb McCleary,Roxie Simmons, Ron Deleo
 Barb McCleary,Carolyn Husband,Marilyn Bishop,Peggy Riggs,Gerri Whitney. In front: Butch Rogers,Ralph Nite,Arletta Johnson,Lynn Moses at 40th reunion
 Marilyn Bishop, Carolyn Husband,Maxine Evanson, Carolyn Woodward,Arletta Johnson at their 50th
                                                     Graduation ceremoney 1962
 Barbara McCleary,Roxie Simmons,Marilyn Bishop,Gerri Whitney, Carolyn Husband-- 30th reun.
                                                     Barb  McCleary and Carol Bittner
                          Barbara McCleary and Larry Marshlain, 1962 Rainbow Tolo
                                                      Barbara, Janie Huff, Doris Meister in 1957
                             50th reunion- Carolyn Husband, Harold Butch Rogers
                                      Joan Curtis, Dawn Hetrick, Doris Meister
                                                Joanne Platter, Bert Bennett
                              Joanne Reid, Ken Henshaw, Barb M at their 50th reunion
 Helen O'Neill, Susan Haigh, Vickie Nott, Janet Jenovai, Barb  1958
                                                Karen Hufford & Fred Morton, 8th grade
                             Karen Hufford, Rich Wallace, Freshman year
                       Karen Hufford, Susan Haigh, Linda Horton   8th grade
                           Ken Henshaw, Carolyn Husband, Gary Ortmeier  at 50th reunion
 Denny Dunn, ?, Karen Groves, Tom Delaney,Peggy Homestead, John Paddock, Helen O'Neill,Bob Thacker, May 1958
                                              Mike Pearce  50th reunion
                                       Molly Logan, Vicki Nott, 1962
 Ralph Nite, Barb McCleary, Joanne Reid, Carolyn Husband, 50th reunion
 Roxie Rogers and Carolyn Husband, 50th reunion
 Senior Ball, Dec 1961: front row: Barb McCleary,Margie Marshall, Joanne Reid, Peggy Homestead, Joan Murray, Peggy Riggs.  Back row: Connie Okert,Linda Horton,Mary Widell, Joanne Heitz, ?, Susan Haigh, Maxine Evanson, Kitty Field, Molly Logan,Sandy Westerfield, Verle Southmayd
                                                           Senior boys at Senior Ball, 1961